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* releasing package ikiwiki version 3.20200202.3Joey Hess2020-02-02
* Fix build with po4a 0.56 via consistent "\n" use.Amitai Schleier2019-09-10
* Updated German program translation from Sebastian Kuhnert.Joey Hess2019-06-06
* Updated German basewiki and directives translation from Sebastian Kuhnert.Joey Hess2019-06-05
* Prepare 3.20190228 for future releaseSimon McVittie2019-02-26
* Prepare new releaseSimon McVittie2019-02-07
* 3.20180311Simon McVittie2018-03-11
* Avoid unexpected full paths from find(1).Amitai Schleier2018-03-02
* 3.20180228Simon McVittie2018-02-28
* Remove openid provider icons from login selectorJoey Hess2018-01-05
* Updated German basewiki and directives translation from Sebastian Kuhnert.Joey Hess2017-12-25
* Update l10nSimon McVittie2017-10-01
* Fix build with po4a 0.52.Amitai Schleier2017-09-19
* 3.20170622Simon McVittie2017-06-22
* Release 3.20170111Simon McVittie2017-01-11
* 3.20161229.1Simon McVittie2016-12-29
* 3.20160728Simon McVittie2016-07-28
* updateJoey Hess2016-06-23
* 3.20160509Simon McVittie2016-05-09
* 3.20160121Simon McVittie2016-01-21
* 3.20150610Simon McVittie2015-06-10
* crufty po updatesJoey Hess2015-05-14
* Standardize on --long-option instead of -long-optionSimon McVittie2015-03-01
* Use $(MAKE) in po, as elsewhere in the build.n0gOoi32014-12-27
* Add missing build-depends on libcgi-formbuilder-perl, needed for t/relativity.tJoey Hess2014-10-20
* Merge branch 'ready/templatebody'Simon McVittie2014-09-15
| * Track whether we're in the scan or render phaseSimon McVittie2014-03-05
* | updateJoey Hess2014-08-31
* | add build deps needed by some tests in the test suiteJoey Hess2014-08-15
* updateJoey Hess2014-01-25
* prep releaseJoey Hess2014-01-02
* releasing package ikiwiki version 3.20130904.1Joey Hess2013-09-04
* releasing version 3.20130711Joey Hess2013-07-10
* releasing version 3.20130710Joey Hess2013-07-10
* releasing version 3.20130518Joey Hess2013-05-18
* releasing version 3.20130504Joey Hess2013-05-05
* releasing version 3.20130212Joey Hess2013-02-12
* Bump test count for previous.Amitai Schlair2013-02-02
* releasing version 3.20121212Joey Hess2012-12-11
* releasing version 3.20121016Joey Hess2012-10-16
* releasing version 3.20120725Joey Hess2012-08-25
* releasing version 3.20120629Joey Hess2012-06-29
* releasing version 3.20120516Joey Hess2012-05-16
* po/Makefile: missing one semicolon stillGiuseppe Bilotta2012-05-09
* Fix po MakefileGiuseppe Bilotta2012-05-05
* work without gettext commandsJoey Hess2012-04-27
* releasing version 3.20120419Joey Hess2012-04-19
* releasing version 3.20120203Joey Hess2012-03-19
* releasing version 3.20120202Joey Hess2012-02-02
* releasing version 3.20120115Joey Hess2012-01-15