BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
albumAttempt to improve album plugin cssChristopher Baines5 years
git-annexMake ignoring symlinks configurableChristopher Baines5 years
git-annex-albumMake ignoring symlinks configurableChristopher Baines5 years
git-annex-album-2Make ignoring symlinks configurableChristopher Baines3 years
git-annex-album-2-rebasedMake ignoring symlinks configurableChristopher Baines9 weeks
master(no commit message)Ashpool9 weeks
osm-icon-fixesIcon related fixes in the OSM pluginChristopher Baines5 years
osm-icon-fixes-rebasedIcon related fixes in the OSM pluginChristopher Baines3 years
osm-layers-patchPass the layers given in the OSM directive throughChristopher Baines7 years
osm-popup-fixesFix the title and description of map popupsChristopher Baines7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-13(no commit message)HEADmasterAshpool
2020-05-05fix formatting in code samplesanarcat
2020-04-27 inline feeds should optionally have their content elidedjmtd
2020-04-27how I do thisjmtd
2020-04-26(no commit message)testtes12
2020-04-21Added a comment: First cutjmtd
2020-04-21alternative approach for backlinksjmtd
2020-04-21Added a commentjmtd
2020-04-21Added a commentjmtd