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* Change target_groups to static_configs in the docsHEADmasterChristopher Baines2017-06-18
* Merge branch 'pc-add-password' into 'master'Pablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Finish adding installation dependenciesPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Add requirement to setup.pyPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Bump version upPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Use the right name for the executablePablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Add a check for integration to print the versionPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Silly me, wrong stage definedPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Lets try stages this wayPablo Carranza2017-06-11
| * Add install stage to ci configPablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Moar tests for get_connectionPablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Add gitlab-ci.ymlPablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Add limitation to only install with python3 or upPablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Add one test, at leastPablo Carranza2017-06-10
| * Add password as a connection optionPablo Carranza2017-06-10
* Release 1.7v1.7Christopher Baines2016-03-01
* Add note about authenticationChristopher Baines2016-03-01
* Add the port to the example config fileChristopher Baines2016-03-01
* Release 1.6v1.6Christopher Baines2016-02-27
* Allow the config file location to be set via a environmental variableChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Don't specify a licence locationChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Add an example configuration fileChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Support connecting to pgbouncer on a different hostChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Correct help stringsChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Release 1.5v1.5Christopher Baines2016-02-27
* Don't specify a default configuration directoryChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Make the port and host configurableChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Alter --port and --user to --pgbouncer-*Christopher Baines2016-02-27
* Remove the #! where its unnecessaryChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Remove the debian directoryChristopher Baines2016-02-27
* Move the changelog out of debian/Christopher Baines2016-02-27
* Release 1.4v1.4Christopher Baines2016-02-17
* Make prog explicitChristopher Baines2016-02-17
* Install the man pageChristopher Baines2016-02-17
* Generate a manpage using help2manChristopher Baines2016-02-17
* Specify a homepageChristopher Baines2016-02-17
* Release 1.3v1.3Christopher Baines2016-02-15
* Make this a proper linkChristopher Baines2016-01-17
* Escape the underscoresChristopher Baines2016-01-17
* Add note on comments and queriesChristopher Baines2016-01-17
* Add some notes regarding installation to the READMEChristopher Baines2016-01-17
* Readme fixesChristopher Baines2016-01-17
* Release 1.2Christopher Baines2016-01-16
* Reflow and fix descriptionChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Correct commandChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Add some information on configuring PrometheusChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Add version informationChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Specify the correct licence location when installedChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Add a copyright fileChristopher Baines2016-01-16
* Add information about the licence to the web interfaceChristopher Baines2016-01-16