PgBouncer exporter for Prometheus

This is a simple exporter for PgBouncer that makes several metrics available to Prometheus.

Metrics are exported from the SHOW LISTS, STATS, POOLS and DATABASES command output. For the full list, see the prometheus_pgbouncer_exporter/collectors.py file.

Please send any comments or queries to Christopher Baines mail@cbaines.net.



You can build a Debian binary package from the source package in the git repository. Alternatively, you can download a binary package from here:


Other Operating Systems

I would recommend installing using setuptools, then running the promtheus-pgbouncer-exporter script. A systemd service file is provided which can be used if you have systemd.


The service connects to the pgbouncer admin console to gather metrics. The service file runs the service as the postgres user (which is assumed to be the user which pgbouncer is running as), such that it can access the admin console (for which access is allowed if the login comes from via a Unix socket and the client has the same user id as the pgbouncer service).

This setup does mean that the exporter service (when running as the postgres user) has far more capabilities than it requires. A more secure approach is to run the service as a unprivileged user, which is listed in the stats_users configuration parameter, as this means the process does not have to run as the postgres user, and will be restricted to using the SHOW command.