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* Use rel=nofollow microformat for comment authorsSimon McVittie2017-01-09
* Use rel=nofollow microformat for dynamic (CGI-related) URLsSimon McVittie2017-01-09
* add missing </div>Joey Hess2016-04-03
* Add an atom:link rel="self" to RSS feedsSimon McVittie2016-01-21
* Modified page.tmpl to to set html lang= and dir= when values have been specif...Joey Hess2015-10-26
* tweak wordingJoey Hess2015-05-13
* emailauth link sent and verified; user login worksJoey Hess2015-05-13
* add emailauth.tmplJoey Hess2015-05-13
* Converted openid-selector into a more generic loginselector helper plugin.Joey Hess2015-05-13
* rename openid selector files to login-selectorJoey Hess2015-05-13
* further generalization of openid selectorJoey Hess2015-05-13
* generalized the openid selector to a login selectorJoey Hess2015-05-13
* When openid and passwordauth are the only enabled auth plugins, make the open...Joey Hess2015-05-13
* Fix XSS in openid selector. Thanks, Raghav Bisht.Joey Hess2015-03-27
* page.tmpl: tell mobile browsers we have a responsive layout, unless told not toSimon McVittie2014-12-01
* Merge branch 'ready/html5'Simon McVittie2014-11-26
| * Emit vestigial xmlns so people can still pass ikiwiki output through XSLTSimon McVittie2014-10-16
| * Always produce HTML5 doctype and new attributes, but not new elementsSimon McVittie2014-10-16
* | Add classes to form in search resultssajolida2014-11-26
* google search plugin: use https for the searchSimon McVittie2014-10-12
* Add WAI-ARIA roles to #main, #comments and #footer when in HTML5 modeSimon McVittie2014-10-05
* aggregate: Improve display of post author.Joey Hess2013-09-05
* Show author in addition to feedname, if different.Amitai Schlair2013-07-17
* Merge branch 'master' into fancypodcastAmitai Schlair2013-06-27
| * page.tmpl: omit searchform, trails, sidebar and most metadata in CGISimon McVittie2013-03-16
* | Don't confuse old readers with Atom names in RSS.Amitai Schlair2013-06-26
* | Genericize download link for more use cases.Amitai Schlair2013-06-26
* | Don't add enclosure divs unless we have enclosures.Amitai Schlair2013-06-26
* | Catch up rsspage to atompage. Validates.Amitai Schlair2013-02-22
* | Don't prepend author to title (Atom doesn't).Amitai Schlair2013-02-21
* | Render fancy podcast enclosures.Amitai Schlair2013-02-20
* | When inlining HTML pages, render enclosures.Amitai Schlair2013-02-19
* | Make [[!meta enclosure=foo.mp3]] "work" for HTML.Amitai Schlair2013-02-19
* recentchangesdiff: fix further breakage to the template from 3.20120725Joey Hess2012-10-16
* really fix diff display to not show both types of diffJoey Hess2012-10-16
* fix bad cut and paste in diff toggle titleJoey Hess2012-10-16
* Ease archivepage styling by using named classes, move styling to the CSS.intrigeri2012-08-25
* do not display two glassesAntoine Beaupré2012-07-19
* move the diff button alongside the othersAntoine Beaupré2012-07-19
* make diffs toggleableAntoine Beaupré2012-07-19
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'smcv/ready/trail'Joey Hess2012-04-18
| * Have trail links at both beginning and end in the default templatesSimon McVittie2012-04-09
* | add comment subscription checkbox to editpageJoey Hess2012-04-13
* allow users to subscribe to comments w/o registeringJoey Hess2012-04-02
* reorgJoey Hess2012-03-28
* polishing notifyemailJoey Hess2012-03-28
* finish notifyemail pluginJoey Hess2012-03-28
* integrate comments plugin with notifyemailJoey Hess2012-03-28
* changemail: New plugin, sends emails about changed pages.Joey Hess2012-03-28
* changelogJoey Hess2012-03-18