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* Exclude working directory from library path (CVE-2016-1238)Simon McVittie2016-07-28
* Standardize on --long-option instead of -long-optionSimon McVittie2015-03-01
* improve usage messageJoey Hess2011-06-13
* rcs_commit and rcs_commit_staged api changesJoey Hess2010-06-23
* fix parameter parsing when pagespec is ommited, and year is presentJoey Hess2010-04-15
* propigate ikiwiki setup error outJoey Hess2010-04-15
* calendar: Add archive_pagespec, which is used by ikiwiki-calendar to specify ...Joey Hess2010-04-15
* Add preprocessed 'use lib' line to ikiwiki-transition and ikiwiki-calendar if...Joey Hess2010-03-26