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* gitremotes: don't fetch the new remote until we've turned off tagsSimon McVittie2010-05-09
* gitremotes: don't fetch tags, other than from ikiwiki.infoSimon McVittie2010-05-07
* drop remote pulling; can be done using git remote update --pruneJoey Hess2009-12-07
* call git remote prune to drop stale tracking branchesJoey Hess2009-12-07
* print which remotes are failingJoey Hess2009-08-27
* avoid fetching tags from random remotesJoey Hess2009-08-27
* add Bremner's ikimailbox repo to listJoey Hess2009-05-21
* markdown fixesJoey Hess2008-12-11
* add gitremotes script, parsing list of remotes on doc/git.mdwnJoey Hess2008-12-11