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* Standardize on --long-option instead of -long-optionSimon McVittie2015-03-01
* use trailinline for the example blog so it gets next/prev linksSimon McVittie2011-11-09
* auto-blog.setup: Don't enable opendiscussion by default; require users be log...Joey Hess2010-10-17
* calendar: Tune archive_pagespec to only match pages, not other files.Joey Hess2010-06-15
* disable global sidebars by defaultJoey Hess2010-04-15
* Enable calendar and sidebar in auto-blog.setup.Joey Hess2010-04-15
* enable calendar by defaultJoey Hess2010-04-15
* auto-blog.setup: Set tagbase by default, since most bloggers will want it.Joey Hess2010-03-28
* add opendiscussion to auto-blog.setupJoey Hess2010-02-06
* auto-blog.setup: Lock all pages, so only admin can post to the blog by default.Joey Hess2010-02-06
* fix caseJoey Hess2009-10-21
* auto.setup, auto-blog.setup: Fix sanitization of entered wikiname. Closes: #5...Joey Hess2009-09-23
* add blogspam to auto-blogJoey Hess2009-01-16
* remove hardlink settings from auto.setup filesJoey Hess2009-01-12
* Add auto-blog.setupJoey Hess2009-01-12