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* t: Consistently remove temp directory before testing, not afterSimon McVittie2019-02-03
* rst: Use Python 3 instead of Python 2Simon McVittie2018-02-28
* git_revert test: reinstate ikiwiki.setup, and make it work uninstalledSimon McVittie2016-12-28
* Add a manual test for reverting git commitsSimon McVittie2016-12-19
* .gitignore: ignore the l10n wikiSimon McVittie2016-01-21
* add ikiwiki-comment programJoey Hess2014-10-20
* Ignore MYMETA.json, produced by recent MakeMakerSimon McVittie2014-02-21
* Ignore MYMETA.yml, generated by Makefile.PLSimon McVittie2013-01-02
* Revert "ignore a file that always clutters status on OS X (no known fix)"Joey Hess2012-01-30
* ignore a file that always clutters status on OS X (no known fix)Amitai Schlair2012-01-22
* Add test coverage analysis (make coverage)Simon McVittie2011-11-09
* extend the 'tag' test to cover auto-creation of tag pagesSimon McVittie2010-12-25
* Add preprocessed 'use lib' line to ikiwiki-transition and ikiwiki-calendar if...Joey Hess2010-03-26
* Add generated localizations, and related stamp files, to .gitignoreSimon McVittie2009-07-26
* update ignoreJoey Hess2008-07-26
* .gitignore: Ignore build-stampJosh Triplett2008-01-26
* * Finally implemented a simple per-page data storage mechanism for plugins,Joey Hess2007-12-08
* update ignoresJoey Hess2007-11-08
* fix ignores of subdirsJoey Hess2007-10-25
* add ignoresJoey Hess2007-10-25