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* Bump standards versionHEADmasterChristopher Baines2016-03-20
* d/control: changed my email to @debian.orgJonas Genannt2015-11-28
* Updated to pybuildJonas Genannt2015-11-28
* d/control: changed homepageJonas Genannt2015-11-15
* Update Vcs fields for git migrationSVN-Git Migration2015-10-08
* Drop myself from Uploaders.Raphaël Hertzog2015-02-11
* Add python-django to Build-Depends for the test suite.Raphaël Hertzog2014-08-06
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5 and debhelper compat to 9.Raphaël Hertzog2014-08-06
* Drop David Spreen from Uploaders. Closes #738932Raphaël Hertzog2014-02-14
* bumped standards version, added myself as uploader, added epochJonas Genannt2013-09-01
* Use canonical URIs for Vcs-* fields.Jakub Wilk2013-05-05
* * Switch to dh_python2 instead of python-support.Raphaël Hertzog2011-11-02
* * New upstream release.svn/0.3.1-1Raphaël Hertzog2010-01-27
* * New upstream release. Closes: #549612svn/0.3-1Raphaël Hertzog2009-10-05
* Closes: #525770Raphaël Hertzog2009-05-08
* * New SVN snapshot. Upload to unstable now that Django 1.0 is there.svn/0.2.1+svn154-1Raphaël Hertzog2009-03-13
* switching Vcs-Browser field to viewsvnSandro Tosi2008-11-03
* Uploading to experimental.svn/0.2.1+svn147-1David Spreen2008-08-22
* * SVN snapshot to ensure compatibility with upcoming Django 1.0 release.David Spreen2008-08-21
* * New upstream release.svn/0.2.1-1Raphaël Hertzog2008-03-02
* uniforming Vcs-* fieldsSandro Tosi2008-01-03
* * Update the Vcs-Browser URL to match the python-modules standard.Raphaël Hertzog2007-10-04
* [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunksvn/0.1+svn102-1Raphaël Hertzog2007-10-04