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* Add minDelay optionHEADmasterChristopher Baines2015-03-22
* bump version in makefileJustin Karneges2014-05-09
* Adding access to "lastRequest" info.Katsuyuki Ohmuro2014-05-10
* Fixed crashing issue when abort() called on fresh object.Katsuyuki Ohmuro2014-05-10
* nitJustin Karneges2014-05-09
* set langJustin Karneges2014-05-09
* license noteJustin Karneges2014-05-09
* convert readme to markdown formatJustin Karneges2014-05-09
* bump version number, datesJustin Karneges2014-04-29
* Merge pull request #3 from fanout/requirejsJustin Karneges2014-04-28
| * JsonP with RequireJS anonymous module by adding a unique global object at JSO...Katsuyuki Ohmuro2014-04-29
| * Begin adding support for RequireJSKatsuyuki Ohmuro2014-04-29
* add a comment about the IE workaroundJustin Karneges2013-12-19
* workaround for IE corrupted response headersJustin Karneges2013-12-18
* allow specifying which error codes should cause auto-retryingJustin Karneges2013-06-10
* Merge pull request #2 from zerko/masterJustin Karneges2013-05-17
| * Per request timeoutsAnatoly Kudinov2013-05-18
* update copyrightJustin Karneges2013-05-08
* Update README w/ info about withCredentialsharmony72013-04-23
* Support for the withCredentials bit of XHR, used with CORSharmony72013-04-21
* rename to pollymerJustin Karneges2013-04-12
* mailing listJustin Karneges2013-04-08
* Minor fixes to frameworkKatsuyuki Ohmuro2013-03-13
* adjust json-p protocolJustin Karneges2013-02-07
* Naming conventions; Added null checking to cleanup methodsKatsuyuki Ohmuro2013-02-01
* extra verbosityJustin Karneges2013-01-31
* fixesJustin Karneges2013-01-31
* recurring flag. cleanupJustin Karneges2013-01-31
* update readmeJustin Karneges2013-01-31
* set DEBUG = false when minimizingJustin Karneges2013-01-30
* build filesJustin Karneges2013-01-30
* remove debug define, parse response json-p headersJustin Karneges2013-01-30
* mark DEBUG as a defineJustin Karneges2013-01-30
* latest update from katsJustin Karneges2013-01-30
* version numberJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* MIT licenseJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* only use json-p on non-cors browsers if not same originJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* make retry() public, change debuggingJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* use newer json-p field namesJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* if json parse fails, return string object rather than throwing errorJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* nitsJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* properties and retriesJustin Karneges2013-01-29
* rename methodJustin Karneges2013-01-28
* kats' changesJustin Karneges2013-01-28
* update readmeJustin Karneges2013-01-28
* initial readmeJustin Karneges2013-01-28
* initial file based on fanout's pubsub.jsJustin Karneges2013-01-28
* Initial commitJustin Karneges2013-01-24