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masterPut the update code in a functionChristopher Baines4 years
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2020-01-28Put the update code in a functionHEADmasterChristopher Baines
2020-01-28Add missing srfi-1 import to update.scmChristopher Baines
2020-01-28Remove some peek callsChristopher Baines
2020-01-18Delete all the 2019 data, and start again from 2020Christopher Baines
2020-01-18Change the start year to 2020Christopher Baines
2020-01-18Fix blog when there are less than 8 postsChristopher Baines
2020-01-01Include the channel news entries within the postsChristopher Baines
2020-01-01Improve the display of the post lists on smaller screensChristopher Baines
2019-11-03Update source code linkChristopher Baines
2019-11-03Customise a couple of the postsChristopher Baines