BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterGuard against a potential crash in the basic allocatorChristopher Baines8 days
wip-fix-missing-itemsWIPChristopher Baines4 weeks
wip-s3WIPChristopher Baines7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysGuard against a potential crash in the basic allocatorHEADmasterChristopher Baines
8 daysImprove error reporting when a derivation can't be substitutedChristopher Baines
8 daysAvoid agent crashes when substitute urls aren't providedChristopher Baines
11 daysAdd back another sqlite-reset callChristopher Baines
11 daysRevert "Remove redundant sqlite-reset calls"Christopher Baines
11 daysHandle agent requested systems in the basic allocation strategyChristopher Baines
11 daysCache a couple of SQLite statements that should be cachedChristopher Baines
11 daysRemove redundant sqlite-reset callsChristopher Baines
2020-11-09Fix build-started hook processing promptChristopher Baines
2020-11-09Make call-with-time-logging write output in a thread safe wayChristopher Baines