BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUse port timeouts when fetching build inputsChristopher Baines3 weeks
wip-fix-missing-itemsWIPChristopher Baines2 years
wip-s3WIPChristopher Baines3 years
wip-upload-slotsWIPChristopher Baines18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-10Use port timeouts when fetching build inputsHEADmasterChristopher Baines
2022-10-28Store build and build results counts in the databaseChristopher Baines
2022-10-22Switch to using = for testing numerical equalityChristopher Baines
2022-10-22Clean up some loggingChristopher Baines
2022-10-22Log when output files are renamedChristopher Baines
2022-10-22Add more logging when output files are deletedChristopher Baines
2022-10-21Log the time for parts of the datastore metric initialisationChristopher Baines
2022-10-21Tweak upload handling againChristopher Baines
2022-10-21Copy upload error handling to the partial routeChristopher Baines
2022-10-21Log the file size and md5 hash on the agent sideChristopher Baines