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* Add verticalpassageHEADmasterChristopher Baines2014-04-07
* Add toilet informationChristopher Baines2014-01-31
* Move the treesChristopher Baines2014-01-11
* Better trees from the osmfr styleChristopher Baines2013-12-27
* Colour sports things green, and increase the border on indoor buildingsChristopher Baines2013-12-15
* Vending machine stuffChristopher Baines2013-12-12
* StuffChristopher Baines2013-10-25
* Also include buildings that are not on a siteChristopher Baines2013-08-29
* StuffChristopher Baines2013-08-27
* Some changesChristopher Baines2013-08-27
* Fix imagesChristopher Baines2013-08-27
* Add dbChristopher Baines2013-08-27
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* UpdatesChristopher Baines2013-08-07
* UpdatesChristopher Baines2013-08-07
* Add makefile, and delete some symbolsChristopher Baines2013-08-07
* Initial commitChristopher Baines2013-08-07