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* Probably hacky fix for the new yearHEADmasterChristopher Baines2012-08-28
* Changed the name of lectures.Christopher Baines2012-04-16
* Added the gui stuff for upload (its coded but untested).Christopher Baines2012-03-27
* New interface, beginings of trying to make it work as an applet... :(Christopher Baines2012-03-27
* Added an organiser to events...Christopher Baines2012-03-24
* Properly implemented weeks... :)Christopher Baines2012-03-24
* Weeks somewhat working...Christopher Baines2012-03-23
* Added preview text area.Christopher Baines2012-03-23
* Updated and now in one case will work, needs more UI work.Christopher Baines2012-03-23
* Initial Commit.Christopher Baines2012-03-17