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* Added a servo test routine at the end of the loop functionHEADmasterChristopher Baines2011-03-29
* Major changes to the regulator, removed delay and added update timesChristopher Baines2011-03-29
* Minor changes to the debuging and removing comments from some of the debug st...Christopher Baines2011-03-28
* Major changes, inproved snake draw circleChristopher Baines2011-03-28
* Inproved the code style, need to at button support and check if the serial sp...Christopher Baines2011-03-26
* Hopefully fixed regulator problems and started to inprove the debugingChristopher Baines2011-03-26
* Major changes including implementing a regulator to manage speed regulation o...Christopher Baines2011-03-26
* Adding copying file for GNU GPLv3Christopher Baines2011-03-22
* Added copyright and licence noticeChristopher Baines2011-03-22
* Opps, the arduino IDE moved the file, this is the updated file for the last c...Christopher Baines2011-03-22
* Many chnages, added TODO list, slightly inproved servo handling.Christopher Baines2011-03-22
* Initial commitChristopher Baines2011-03-21