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* Replace gh_scm2newstr with scm_to_locale_stringHEADmasterChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Remove relative path for libpyguile.soChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Remove PYGUILE_BUILDChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Don't include gh.h, as it does not existChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Don't read the version in from stdinChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Fix the LDFLAGSChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Use python on the path, and not in the shebangChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Don't hardcode the Python include pathChristopher Baines2016-09-03
* Added link to my blog articles about PyGuile.Omer Zak2016-05-22
* Merged old README information into README.md.Omer Zak2016-05-22
* Ignoring also *~ files.Omer Zak2016-05-22
* Added all old files of interest to version control.Omer Zak2016-05-22
* Initial commitOmer Zak2016-05-22