BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
export-additional-buildresults-on-build-failureAlso export additional buildresults if the package build failsChristopher Baines4 years
masteropen changelog for the next releaseMattia Rizzolo4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-11-26open changelog for the next releaseHEADmasterMattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25update changelog for 0.221.1Mattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25runhooks: move (un)loadhooks() and executehooks() to pbuilder-modules.Mattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25buildpackage: move the binNMU() function from modules to buildpackage-funcs, ...Mattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25pdebuild-internal: revert back to plain log() instead of log.{i,e}()Mattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25create: load hooks before trying to execute themMattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25pbuilder-apt-config: update the hardcoded list of releases/architectures of u...Mattia Rizzolo
2015-11-25debian/changelog: remove trailing whitespaceMattia Rizzolo
2015-11-24open changelog for the next releaseMattia Rizzolo
2015-11-24release 0.221Mattia Rizzolo