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* build: Don't install an empty share/ikiwiki/examples/doc/examplesSimon McVittie2020-02-13
* t: Consistently remove temp directory before testing, not afterSimon McVittie2019-02-03
* build: Add `make reset-generated`Simon McVittie2019-02-03
* build: Add `make git-dist` targetSimon McVittie2018-03-09
* Avoid unexpected full paths from find(1).Amitai Schleier2018-03-02
* build: Ensure that pm_to_blib finishes before rewriting shebang linesSimon McVittie2018-01-29
* build: Use if/then instead of `||` so that the `-e` flag worksSimon McVittie2018-01-29
* build: `set -e` before each `for` loop, so that errors are reliably trappedSimon McVittie2018-01-29
* Standardize on --long-option instead of -long-optionSimon McVittie2015-03-01
* Add ikiwiki-comment to shebang_scripts.Amitai Schlair2014-10-20
* add ikiwiki-comment programJoey Hess2014-10-20
* Match word boundary (think "/usr/bin/perl5.18").Amitai Schlair2014-10-19
* Replace shebang paths with the build-time $(PERL).Amitai Schlair2014-10-12
* Anchor subst to opening ", avoiding side effects.Amitai Schlair2014-09-19
* rename so linitian can find the unminified versionsJoey Hess2014-08-15
* add YAML::XS dep to Makefile.PLJoey Hess2013-12-03
* Makefile.PL: overwrite theme style.css instead of appendingMikko Rapeli2013-03-30
* Avoid a GNUism in find(1).Amitai Schlair2012-02-21
* Portability fixes:Amitai Schlair2012-01-08
* Add test coverage analysis (make coverage)Simon McVittie2011-11-09
* jquery source cleanupJoey Hess2011-08-24
* don't install discussion pages for example sitesJoey Hess2011-06-03
* remove reundant chengelog version parseJoey Hess2011-03-19
* prepend base.css to theme's style.cssJoey Hess2010-12-11
* parameterize FIND and SEDJoey Hess2010-09-27
* preserve timestamps for directive and theme underlaysJoey Hess2010-06-16
* add theme pluginJoey Hess2010-06-16
* Merge branch 'master' into templatemoveJoey Hess2010-04-23
| * better fix for use lib issueJoey Hess2010-04-22
| * switch to PERL5LIB so that use lib inserted for INSTALL_BASE is overridden du...Joey Hess2010-04-22
* | add mycleanJoey Hess2010-04-23
* fix buggy program installation codeJoey Hess2010-04-03
* Add preprocessed 'use lib' line to ikiwiki-transition and ikiwiki-calendar if...Joey Hess2010-03-26
* Add new --clean option; this makes ikiwiki remove all built files in the dest...Joey Hess2010-02-28
* more portable use of sed -iJoey Hess2009-11-09
* add spec fileJoey Hess2009-10-29
* install ikiwiki-calendarJoey Hess2009-10-11
* change PROFILE to use Devel::NYTProfJoey Hess2009-08-13
* quote version numbers to avoid them being interpreted as unicode charactersJoey Hess2009-07-23
* split out underlay_install targetJoey Hess2009-07-21
* build translated underlays for use with non-English wikisJoey Hess2009-07-20
* create translated underlays in mdwn formatJoey Hess2009-07-20
* use empty underlay dirs when building po underlaysJoey Hess2009-07-20
* speed up incremental underlaypo runsJoey Hess2009-07-19
* move source removal back to underlaypo ruleJoey Hess2009-07-19
* move clean code to clean ruleJoey Hess2009-07-19
* renameJoey Hess2009-07-19
* don't run basewikipo by default yet, comment out all languagesJoey Hess2009-07-19
* add basewikipo po file generation thingJoey Hess2009-07-19
* debhelper v7; rules file minimisation.Joey Hess2009-02-15