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* useragent: Automatically choose whether to use LWPx::ParanoidAgentSimon McVittie2019-02-26
* useragent: Don't allow non-HTTP protocols to be usedSimon McVittie2019-02-26
* useragent: Raise an exception if the LWP module can't be loadedSimon McVittie2019-02-24
* preprocess: Don't encode digit zero as an entity in errorsSimon McVittie2018-03-21
* preprocess: Escape most ASCII punctuation in error messagesSimon McVittie2018-02-28
* add and use cgiurl_abs_sameschemeJoey Hess2018-01-05
* core: Don't decode the result of strftime if already tagged as UTF-8Simon McVittie2017-07-23
* check_canchange: report invalid filenames as intendedSimon McVittie2017-01-09
* HTML-escape error messages (OVE-20160505-0012)Simon McVittie2016-05-05
* Don't fail to syslog if the wiki name contains %sSimon McVittie2016-01-21
* Force log messages to be bytestringsSimon McVittie2016-01-21
* Add deterministic option and use it for the docwikiSimon McVittie2015-06-09
* Do not directly enable emailauth by default, only indirectly via openidSimon McVittie2015-05-27
* allow emailuser to be called when there is no %config setJoey Hess2015-05-19
* make cgiurl output deterministicDaniel Kahn Gillmor2015-05-19
* cloak user PII when making commits etc, and let cloaked PII be used in banned...Joey Hess2015-05-14
* sanitize nickname derived from email addressJoey Hess2015-05-14
* avoid showing password prefs for emailauth userJoey Hess2015-05-13
* If neither timezone nor TZ is set, set both to :/etc/localtime if we're on a ...Simon McVittie2015-03-01
* Fix getlibdirs when libdirs is unsetSimon McVittie2014-12-16
* Simplify libdirs: libdirs must be plural, libdir must be a single stringSimon McVittie2014-12-09
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'spalax/paternal/libdirs'Simon McVittie2014-12-09
| * Make getlibdirs return an array (or whathever this type is called in perl)Louis2014-12-06
| * Allow several extra library and plugin directories (libdir option)Louis2014-12-06
* | entabAmitai Schlair2014-12-02
* | in debug mode, issue a warning before waiting for a lockMark Jason Dominus (陶敏修)2014-12-02
* | page.tmpl: tell mobile browsers we have a responsive layout, unless told not toSimon McVittie2014-12-01
* | Always produce HTML5 doctype and new attributes, but not new elementsSimon McVittie2014-10-16
* Set default User-Agent to something that doesn't mention libwww-perlSimon McVittie2014-10-12
* Add reverse_proxy option which hard-codes cgiurl in CGI outputSimon McVittie2014-10-05
* Avoid mixed content when cgiurl is https but url is notSimon McVittie2014-10-05
* Use protocol-relative URIs if cgiurl and url differ only by authority (hostname)Simon McVittie2014-10-05
* Merge branch 'ready/templatebody'Simon McVittie2014-09-15
| * Track whether we're in the scan or render phaseSimon McVittie2014-03-05
| * Add templatebody plugin and directive, and enable it by defaultSimon McVittie2014-03-05
| * add readtemplate hookSimon McVittie2014-03-05
* | add more wording based on what chrysn suggestedSimon McVittie2014-09-15
* | Merge branch 'ready/document-success-reason'Simon McVittie2014-09-15
|\ \
| * | SuccessReason: add some explanatory commentsSimon McVittie2014-03-03
| |/
* | Merge branch 'ready/trail-sort'Simon McVittie2014-09-12
|\ \
| * | trail: don't generate a costly dependency when forcing sort orderSimon McVittie2014-07-11
| |/
* / Make --no-gettime work in initial build. Closes: #755075Joey Hess2014-08-28
* Allow up to 8 levels of nested directives, rather than previous 3 in directiv...Joey Hess2014-02-23
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'anarcat/dev/syslog_utf8'Joey Hess2014-02-23
| * don't edit config setting, but a temporary variable, complete and unbreak testsAntoine Beaupré2013-11-29
| * recover gracefully from syslog failuresAntoine Beaupré2013-11-29
* | Bug#737121: ikiwiki: [PATCH] Implement configuration option to set the user a...Tuomas Jormola2014-02-01
* | Added only_committed_changes config setting, which speeds up wiki refresh by ...Joey Hess2013-11-16
* | Optmised loadindex by caching the page name in the index.Joey Hess2013-11-16
* | Fixed unncessary tight loop hash copy in saveindex where a pointer can be use...Joey Hess2013-11-16