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masterUpdate some libs, and improve display on different zoom levelsChristopher Baines7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-02Update some libs, and improve display on different zoom levelsHEADmasterChristopher Baines
2013-02-15Add a population heat mapChristopher Baines
2013-02-15Add stuff to cope with health centers without catchment areasChristopher Baines
2013-02-15Fix a bug with missing tagsChristopher Baines
2013-02-11Fix a bug with unknown locationsChristopher Baines
2013-02-09Add scale bar, and fix distancesChristopher Baines
2013-02-09Fix the minimapChristopher Baines
2013-02-09Begin adding a minimapChristopher Baines
2013-02-07Add the leaflet hash pluginChristopher Baines
2013-02-07Fix the popup updating bug.Christopher Baines